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What is PVC stabilizer?

Stabilizers are included in PVC to permit its processing and also to boost its resistance specifically in outside applications, weathering, and warmth aging. Likewise, PVC stabilizers have an essential influence on the physical properties of PVC ended up articles.

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is among the most crucial industrial plastic however, it is not stable at high temperatures. Therefore, PVC heat stabilizers are extensively utilized to protect vinyl products in all stages by improving the resistance of PVC products at high temperatures.

The role of heat stabilizers

Heat stabilizers play an essential duty to enhance the resistance of PVC substances to heat or high temperatures. The objective of heat stabilizers is to secure the plastic product at all phases. To avoid the destruction of PVC substances, heat stabilizers work by:

  • Neutralizing hydrogen chloride;

  • Replacing weakened carbon-chlorine bonds;

  • Protecting against oxidation;

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