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What is Plasticizer?

Plasticizers are relatively non-volatile organic materials (generally liquids). When incorporated into a plastic or elastomer, they assist to boost the polymer's:




Plasticisers enhance the circulation as well as thermoplasticity of a polymer by lowering the viscosity of the polymer thaw, the glass shift temperature (Tg), the melting temperature level (Tm) and also the elastic modulus of the ended up product without altering the essential chemical character of the plasticized product.

What Are The Benefits of PVC Plasticizer?

The significant advantage is the ability to provide a material with a more versatile high quality. That is not the only significant advantage. When a material is given that versatile quality, it after that ends up being much more powerful than in the past. This is why PVC is usually referred to as among one of the most long-lasting compounds as well as materials worldwide.

These products can perform for as long as 50 years without damage, and also this is why many firms use PVC for water pipes. Resilience is a major advantage of the plasticizers, as well as the capability to make unlimited mixes is additionally beneficial.

Types of plasticisers:

Based on their compatibility, plasticizers can be divided into three types: main plasticizers, supplementary plasticizers and extenders.

Applications of plasticizers:

SEGA Chemical is a manufacturer, supplier, exporter, company of environmental friendly, non-toxic, green, food grade plasticizer, mostly used in PVC product, wires & cable, paint & coating, phthalate free toys, food packaging, leather and toys etc.

Below are the main plasticiser products offered by our company:

Product Name
Other NameMolecular FormulaCAS NO.
Acetyl Tributyl CitrateATBCC20H34O877-90-7
Epoxy Fatty Acid Methyl EsterEFAMEC19H36O36084-76-0
Epoxidized Soya Bean OilESBO, ESO8013-07-8
Dioctyl AdipateDOA


Glycerol TriacetateTAC
Tributyl CitrateTBCC18H32O777-94-1
Dioctyl sebacateDOS


Composite Plant EsterC.P.EC20H37C13O3

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